Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Whirligig 3

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Welcome to Sunday's Whirligig, a place for you and your muse to find inspiration, while The Sunday Whirl is on hiatus. Each Wednesday I will post 12 words with which you may create a poem, a short story, or some other piece of writing.

You may link your writing to this site beginning at midnight (Pacific Time) each Sunday. Please do NOT leave your link in the comments, but use the linking button, which will "magically" appear at midnight (Pacific Time) Sunday. The Inlinkz button will remain operable for two weeks. Enjoy!

If you'd like to contribute 12 words, please e-mail them to me:


  1. Thanks for the Prompt MMT. Hank is here


  2. A little blood thirst of a weekend...hmm..where will we start ;)

  3. I really had fun with this as I also used it with another prompt. While I had to look up an unfamiliar word - I used it in a positive way. I hope you enjoy the 'sci-fi' poem :)

  4. Not sure why my link didn't take the first time, but it is there now...I hope.

  5. Hello, strangely don't see any button for posting the link....hmmm .
    My link here: